Thursday, April 28, 2011

Share the love!

So I've started a blog... I may be the only one reading these ramblings but I do find it therapeutic!  If you know me, then you know I love to be creative.  That doesn't mean that I am creative enough to completely come up with an idea from scratch and execute the idea.  I am on a good day, but usually I will see something that inspires me and I can study how it's made or how it's painted or how it can be repurposed and decide how I will take that idea and change it and make it work in my space.  If I cannot come up with a way to do it myself or if it is too extraordinary to even attempt a DIY, then I will come up with the money to buy it!
There is a wealth of knowledge and creative talent out there and I could spend hours every day reading other blogs and drooling over other projects - I could do that if I didn't have a little one popping out of bed for the upteenth time, or another short person asking me for yet another snack, another story, another push on the swing... another fill in the blank.  I love the generous attitude of design bloggers so much.  They are so proud of what they have done, they seem to love sharing their inspiration with others.  They get that there are other women like themselves out there who have an eye for design, can't hire someone to do it for them, and probably want the creative outlet and want to create something for themselves that they can be proud of.  My biggest pet peeve over the years has been when you meet someone that is obviously very talented, very creative, has created some beautiful things and you try to get to know them a little and they clam up.  I want to be like "Listen lady! I think what you've done is amazing! I'm not trying to steal your idea, steal your client, whatever..I'm trying to compliment what you've done."  That is someone who is up on their High Horse all right, but I want them to be up there with a spirit of thanksgiving, with the attitude that God gave them a talent, whatever it may be, and they are grateful for that and appreciative that it is liked by others.  That doesn't mean you are giving away your talent for free, just acknowledging that you didn't get there all by yourself.
So that's what I hope to do.  Share whatever little nuggets I find or come up with and hope that you can use them to your advantage, to make your home -  no matter how big or small, clean or dirty, new or old -  a home you love.