Monday, May 23, 2011


To figure this thing out! Lol I am definitely not a techy person.  But I have discovered a massive amount of blogs to follow and inspire me!  And even more importantly I have discovered Pinterest!  I can't even begin to tell you how much fun this site is!  First of all, they are geniuses and made it Invitation Only.  Don't you feel more important when access is exclusive! I love it because I always have so many ideas swimming around in my head and Pinterest is my new Card Catalog.  Once you join, you will download the bookmarklet and "Pin" away.  As I visit websites and see ideas that inspire me I will "Pin it" from my toolbar and that will file that image on an inspiration board.  So, since I am always on the look out for ideas to use in my daughter's room, or flooring choices, or new sofas, or the gallery wall I haven't gotten around to yet, I can use Pinterest to keep a running tally of all these notions that float around my head and they are conveniently stored for me to add to or change or reference later when I am ready to get started on a project.  The website information for each image is also stored so I also have access to my sources for all these pretty things! Below you will find a couple boards that I have created.  I will warn you: It's Addicting! And the possibilities are endless.  Pinterest is not just for interior design.  I have a board for blogs I follow in one convenient location, you can catalog recipe ideas, craft or scrapbook project ideas, wardrobe ideas... total time suck but worth it!
This is an Inspiration Board for Little A's room.  We've been working on this room for a while now.  I thought I was done but then she informed me that she wanted her room to look like a dress shop.  I avoided a theme overkill but she really does enjoy fashion designing and I want to give her a space that will inspire that creativity.
This is my "Swooning" Inspiration Board.  I Pin images as I come across them and then when I have my Someday House I will have all these beautiful ideas to look through and try to incorporate into the house.
And finally, here is my next project, my sister Michelle's bedroom in her loft needs a redo and we are playing with the idea of wrinkled, ruffled linen in shades of turquoise and tans.

This is a really helpful video tutorial that will help you understand Pinterest a little better.
If you'd like to see more of my Inspiration Boards or start some Pinning of your own you can go to Pinterest and request to join or shoot me a message and I will invite you.

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  1. Hi Christi! Thanks again for visiting my blog! I love Pinterest, too. It's soooo addicting! Do you have pics of your dog on here? I would love to see Elsa's twin!