Monday, June 6, 2011

Beautiful and Refreshing

Ryan and I have been taking care of yard work lately, nothing fancy just cleaning up the backyard, hauling out bag after bag of weeds.  That always gets me daydreaming of the perfect yard.  Our landscaping will probably never live up to the image I have in my head but Ry did do a great job tidying up back there!

Then today, the kids and I spent the morning at soccer practice and then headed to the gym.  it was a sweaty, nasty, Houston morning! We came home wishing we could dive into a clear, cold pool.  This one will do:
This is a home for sale in Carlton Woods.  I dream Big!
This looks like so much fun,
The Shamrock Hilton was an old Houston landmark that has since been demolished.  They had a sychronized swimming team called the Corkettes.  I love their suits! I tried to buy my girls the vintage swimsuit that Janie and Jack carried this Spring but, sadly, they refused to wear it.
Don't you just love this amazing deck and pool in Rock Creek,
Again, it won't fit in my yard or in my budget but that iron dome is stunning.
I don't know where this pool is located, but it reminds me of the movie Stealing Home with Jodie Foster and Mark Harman.  They sneak onto this property and dive down to the bottom of the pool to touch the dark, slimy drain.  I've probably watched that movie a hundred times.

Back to the real world, this was how we cooled off instead:
Could they get any cuter? I'd give up any of those other yards to hang out in the blow up pool with these three any day.

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